Kids Flavor Tips


Kids can help their parents in the garden and in the kitchen to bring the freshest and healthiest food to the table. Kids can grow an organic herb and veggie raised bed garden and grow the most delicious ingredients for their family menu. Just by clipping a sprig or two of herbs from the garden, kids can add health and flavor to every meal. Kids can learn to cook with fresh organic ingredients and whole grains. A magic flavor tip is to balance the recipe with the right amount of three things: salt, sugar, and acid. Kids can add pure sea salt, organic soy sauce, and tamari to their pantry. There are many organic sugars kid can add to recipes, like pure maple syrup, dates, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, applesauce, or cane sugar. Fresh organic lemon, lime, or grapefruit from a tree on the patio makes the perfect acid. Organic apple cider vinegar is another healthy and delicious acid choice. Kids can zest any of the citrus fruits for a bright finish to their dish. A sprinkle of fresh roasted nuts or seeds not only elevates the flavor of the dish but adds crunch and makes it even richer in healthy nutrients. Kids can add herbs, salt, sugar, and acid while tasting the dish to achieve just the right balance of flavors.

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