Kids Lunch Wraps


Wraps are wonderful treats for kids’ lunches as they are delicious, portable, and varied. Kids enjoy organic whole wheat tortillas which make great wraps for kids to try new foods. Kids can be adventurous and stuff their wrap with different varieties of grains, beans, salad, and veggies. Gluten free organic brown rice wraps and organic multigrain tortillas make additional fun choices. The tortillas can be heated in the oven with organic extra virgin olive oil for five minutes to refresh them, taken out and sprinkled with nutritional brewers yeast for extra flavor, protein, and B vitamins. Kids can roast sliced organic veggies, sea salt, and olive oil at the same time and cook five extra minutes until tender.  An organic whole wheat tortilla stuffed with organic salad, veggies, beans, and whole grains can make a delicious highly nutritious meal that can be easily eaten anywhere. Kids find that leftovers taste even better in a wrap. Parents with finicky eaters can introduce new veggies mixed in rice and their favorite sauce in a wrap. For adventurous Kid Chefs, wraps can be filled with almost anything, such as hummus and taboulli, a Mediterranean wheat salad, or roasted veggies and Quinoa, rich in nutrients and all the essential amino acids. Kids can take a wrap on hikes, picnics, and car trips. Wraps are perfect for a meal on the go as well as for school lunches.


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