Kids Lavender Flowers


Kids can plant lavender flowers in a large pot in their organic veggie garden as their aroma attracts bees and butterflies to pollinate the garden. Kids can leave the lavender seed heads for the birds enjoy and they will stay and keep pests out of the garden. Hardy lavender is an easy perennial to grow in full sun needing little watering and feeding. With its flowers, grey green leaves, and pleasant aroma, lavender is a lovely drought tolerant addition to any patio or porch. Kids can snip flowers with their stems often to encourage the plant to grow better. The delicate scent of lavender and its skin healing properties has made it popular in soaps and sachets for centuries. When grown organically and carefully dried, lavender blossoms keep their fragrance, beauty, and potency for years. To make potpourri or sachets, kids can cut full stalks of lavender early in the morning when the flowers are showing color, but are not fully opened. Tie the ends of the stalks into small bundles with string and hang them upside down in a dry place for several days. When the flowers are completely dry, kids can rub them from the stalks into a bowl for potpourri to fill the room with a relaxing, peaceful aroma. Kids can also make muslin bags to stuff with the dried lavender flowers for sachets to scent their clothes. Fresh lavender flowers laid in a dish to dry on the window sill repels ants and other insects. Lavender, fresh or dried, has a long history of calming nerves as aromatherapy. Plus, kids can make a light herbal tea with lavender flowers that mixes delightfully with chamomile flowers for a soothing drink.

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