Kids Urban Greening


More and more kids in the city are enjoying green living spaces, including many new community and school gardens. Green roof gardens with herbs, veggies, and food for pollinators are growing in cities across the country. Kids are setting up rain barrels, tanks, and collection ponds to collect rain water to be used to plant trees along the streets and water garden projects. These green projects cool and clean the air in the city, reduce energy costs, and improve the standards of living.  Kids are creating green walls in their schools with herbs and salad greens covering the wall using a drip watering system. Green walls can also bring to life underutilized sides of buildings, bridges, and highway underpasses which can change an urban neighborhood into a delightful place to live. Kids can make seed bombs from organic native plants that provide food and shelter for the bees and butterflies. For example, kids can give local organic milkweed seeds, the only food for the Monarch Butterfly, a good start by mixing the seeds in a tiny mud ball of dirt and clay and distribute them on road mediums and vacant lots, while beautifying the roadside with lovely flowers. Kids are making Wildlife Habitats for birds, toads, lizards, bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies in their backyards by planting organic native plants that indigenous creatures need to survive. Kids have fun growing food in their patio, school, and community gardens and bringing the best tasting produce to the dinner table. Kids can turn cities into gardens by planting containers of herbs, flowers, and veggies where they live.

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