Kid Chef Summer Pops


Nothing helps cool kids down on a hot day like a fruity summer ice pop. Unfortunately, conventional Popsicles are filled with corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.  Kids can find fun pop molds to make fun and healthy organic pops. The molds in the picture are of lady bugs and insects which are quite appropriate for garden parties. Bananas make the pop creamy and delicious. Kids can blend 1 ripe organic banana with 1 cup fresh organic berries, 1 cup of water, and the juice of 1 fresh orange. Pour into six pop molds and freeze. Or kids can make an attractive fruity pop by pouring ½ cup water mixed with 1 cup lemonade into the six pop molds and evenly distribute ¾ cup sliced strawberries, ¼ cup sliced apples, and 18 small mint leaves and freeze.

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