Kids Patio Fig Tree


Kids in the Mediterranean have been eating figs fresh from the tree for thousands of years. Because figs like to ripen fully on the tree in a warm climate and are delicate to ship, kids eat more fig cookies and dried figs than fresh figs. Kids can plant a fig tree in a large pot on wheels on the patio so it can be moved inside for the winter in cold climates. California is the second largest grower of figs in the world, next to Turkey. The vast majority of the harvest is dried whole or for turned into paste for cookies. Fig trees bear two crops every year, in early summer and early fall. Planting a fig tree in a large pot stops the wild root growth that can make a fig tree a pest. A fig tree can grow as wide as it is tall, up to 30 feet, with roots extending even farther. In a pot, a fig tree can add dramatic interest on the patio. Kids can wear gloves to prune the fig plant lightly in late winter as the plant’s sap may be an irritant to the skin. Birds also love the sweet juicy fruit, and so kids can cover the tree with bird netting when little fig buds appear.  Kids can easily pull off the ripe drooping figs and enjoy eating them fresh.

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