Kids Knife Rules


Kids can have fun in the kitchen when they work carefully, following basic rules of safety. Keeping the kitchen, kitchen tools, and kids hands clean is the first rule. Kids can clean up as they cook and leave the kitchen cleaner than when they found it. Toddlers can start with butter knives and can learn to slice organic bananas. Kids can slice back and forth with the knife instead of using excessive pressure on the knife.  Kids can graduate to serrated knives or paring knives when they practice slicing with the butter knife and demonstrate the proper way to handle knives. To hold a serrated paring knife, kids can place their index finger on top for stability. Kids can learn to hold the food they are cutting using a bridge technique with the thumb on one side and the rest of the fingers on the other side. The knife slices down the middle of the food under the bridge of the hand. Another technique is the claw technique where the food is gripped with the fingers tucked under the knuckles to guide the size of the cuts and protect the fingers. Teens can use large chef knives by pinching the blade with their index finger and thumb close to the blade to give better control. But it takes years of practice before kids can do ninja chef chopping. Kids also need to practice carefully with graters, peelers, microplane zesters, and other sharp kitchen tools. Kids can use the tools to peel away from hands and grate slowly to avoid cuts. Kids can use different knives depending on their age and experience, mastering each knife with careful practice.

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