Kids Herb Cuttings


Kids find it fun to root herb cuttings in water. Many plants will grow from a piece of stem cut from the parent plant. The cuttings pictured here are mint, lavender, and rosemary in recycled glass jars. Kids can use scissors to cut six inches from the ends of healthy top growth that does not have a flower or seeds attached to it. Kids can make a label to put on the jar of water. Remove three inches of leaves from the lower half of the cutting. Trim just below the bottom leaf joint and put several cuttings into the glass jar and cover the stems with water. Kids can put the jar near a warm bright window to sprout. Kids can watch the tiny roots start to appear along the stems. After 4 to 6 weeks, kids can separate the cuttings and place them into pots with rich organic potting soil. Cuttings will turn into beautiful plants in a few months. Kids can decorate the pots and give their lovely herb plants as gifts.

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