Kids make Soap


Kids probably can find they already have most of the supplies needed to make soap. Since soap making has become so popular, kids can find soap bases, molds, and project kits at the local craft store. Kids can make soap from any combination of oils, fats, distilled or spring water, and essential oils. Some oils and fats offer large bubbles, others a creamy texture, some for oily skin, some for normal skin. Kids can choose which qualities they want in the finished bar of soap. Almond oil makes a hard bar, rich in protein giving lovely soft skin and offering relief for inflamed or itchy skin. Coconut oil produces a hard bar with large creamy bubbles. Olive oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins, providing a good base for infused herbal oils, and is perfect for baby soap. Each of these oils has a specific amount of sodium hydroxide to create a reaction that causes the oil to become soap. If an excess of sodium hydroxide remains in the soap, it can irritate and burn the skin. Kids can add a fat to the soap making process to achieve the proper balance. Kids can choose from a range of inviting ingredients to add to their soap bar, like peach, cucumber, lavender, cinnamon, and chocolate. Kids need only a tiny amount of essential oils, which are plant extracts, highly distilled and powerful with aroma healing properties. Kids can make loofah soaps for a summer project.  A loofah is a natural sponge made from a gourd that removes dead cells from the skin. Kids can find loofahs at the store or grow loofah gourds like squashes in their organic veggie garden, peal and wash out the seeds, and cut into slices.  Kids can make loofah soap by pouring a warm lemon and olive oil soap base into the holes of a slice of loofah placed inside a round mold and allow it to harden overnight. Loofah soaps make great gifts covered in a piece of clear plastic wrap.

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