Kids Perennial Veggies


Kids can create an organic fruit and veggie garden that is self sustaining with permaculture techniques. Usually veggies are annual or biennial crops to be replanted, successive planting, or rotated with another crop throughout the year. But kids can also plant low-maintenance perennial vegetables which provide food at time when there is little else in the garden. Some of the veggie plants we replant yearly are in fact perennial under the right conditions. Peppers, sweet potatoes, chard, rhubarb, asparagus, and artichoke are perennial in a frost-free environment. Most herbs are perennial and help attract pollinators and repel pests. Nut and fruit trees can be grown in large containers with rich organic soil with mulch and compost with bi-annual root trimming.  Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and grapes are perennials that kids can plant in raised beds or containers. Permaculture designs often include perennial vegetables, herbs, and fruits in vertical layers, from ground cover to tree tops where the high diversity, stacking and inter-planting produces an abundant yield with little maintenance. Fruit and nut trees can be planted with herbs and veggies growing under them which act as mulch. Planting crops together is a great way to increase diversity, utilize space, and increase productivity. Kids can plant perennial fruit and veggies not only for their fruit and flowers but also to create attractive year round garden plants and trees that will grow in the garden with them.

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