Kids playing in Soil


Kids enjoy playing in raised bed fairy gardens filled with tiny trucks and rich organic soil. Soil is not the same as dirt. When kids first start a raised bed veggie garden, they can find a local organic soil company or garden center to get the right kind of soil, like Peach Hill Soil in Moorpark. Kids can grow organic fruits and veggies in this type of soil that is a mix of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter filled with billions of single celled bacteria and millions of fungi. The soil is a busy world of microorganisms, earthworms, and insects working together digging, building, and stirring the soil to keep it healthy. Kids can mix into the soil rich organic compost to feed these organisms and create fertile soil to grow organic veggie plants. The plants take up the minerals they need to grow from the soil. When the plants die, the organisms in the soil help return the nutrients to the soil. Soil microbes and bacteria help get the nutrients to the plant roots which help bind the soil together. Crop rotation and inter-planting of crops also improves the minerals and nutrients in the soil. Kids can have fun playing in the living garden soil and harvesting yummy organic fruits and veggies.

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