Kids Seed Diversity


Seeds equal life. Kids can save and protect our food seeds from disappearing as our food diversity diminishes by growing an organic veggie garden. One fifth of the plants on earth are threatened with extinction. Seeds can disappear in war-torn countries, damaged habitats, climate changed areas, large monoculture farms with pesticides and herbicides, and privatized genetically modified seed ownership. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 75% of plant diversity has been lost since the 1900’s. Kids enjoy seed saving as a time of reflection at the end of the season. Kids can harvest, dry, and label envelopes to save seeds from their organic patio garden. Seed banks around the world contain ancient seeds of thousands of species of grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Often during war time these seed banks are looted, seeds are lost, and the land is ravaged. Dr. Vandana Shiva spoke in Ojai on Earth Day about the importance of our individual right to seed sharing and saving as four major corporations try to own all seeds and deny gardeners and farmers around the world the right to diversity, freedom, and health. “Seeds are the first link in the food chain as well as being the storage place for culture and history, and we have the right to save and share them,” said Dr. Shiva. Kids can save the seeds in their garden at the end of harvest to plant again in the spring and share their seeds with their neighbors. Biodiversity means planting many different crops and species of the same crop in one food garden, improving the soil and the harvest. With different varieties being resistant to different diseases and thriving in different conditions, kids can have food security by growing an organic veggie garden and sharing their seeds with neighbors and at their local seed library.

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