Kids Fruit and Nut Dishes


Kid Chefs can create many main dishes using organic fruit and nuts, which go well with organic whole grains. Classic dishes from around the world feature fruit and nuts, which are highly nutritious, sweet and delicious. Almond, cashew, and coconut milk make tasty sauces for many recipes. Kids can find dwarf fruit trees at their local garden center and plant them in a container on the patio. A small fruit tree is easier to care for than a large one. Kids can prune a dwarf fruit tree in about 15 minutes, reach the fruit for harvesting, and can use the amount of fruit produced. Kids can grow local organic herb and veggie plants under organic fruit and nut trees.  Nature has self correcting systems and many problems can be solved by creating healthy soil in a diversified raised bed garden. Kids love to pick and eat organic fruit fresh from the tree. Fruit also grows on bushes, like blueberries, on vines, like grapes, and plants, like strawberries. Kid Chefs can cook organic Brown Rice with raisins and pecans with a mild curry sauce. Kids can mix organic pineapple with mashed organic yams and cinnamon for a sweet side dish.  Kids enjoy salads with organic mix greens, organic grapes and chopped organic walnuts. Kids can create lots sweet treats and delicious dishes with fruit and nuts.

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