Kids One Bowl Meals


Kids love a bowl of ramen soup, pasta, or polenta with tomatoes and eggplant.  All in one bowl meals are now popular in high end restaurants and are easy to create at home. Kid Chefs can create delicious broths with organic soba noodles, dashi, and organic veggies fresh from their patio garden. Organic brown rice, quinoa, pasta, and lentils can also form the basis of nutritious bowls with sauces that are rich in flavor. Kids can make tasty sauces with organic ginger, garlic, and chives or tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Nutritionist agree that a rainbow of fresh organic veggies provide kids a balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential for building healthy bodies. Kids can chop organic veggies to create a colorful bowl with rice or pasta.  Kids can grow an organic garden in pots, containers, or raised beds in patio, school, or community gardens and have access to local in season veggies they grew themselves.  When kids grow herbs in their organic patio garden, they can snip a sprig of basil or parsley and cut it into their bowls for extra energy and flavor. Kids can also add different textures to the bowl with bean sprouts, roasted mushrooms, nuts, or chickpeas. One bowl meals use many sauces and spices from the recipes of different cuisines around the world. Kids can choose beans, grains, veggies, sauces, garnishes, and everything necessary to create a nutritious balanced meal in a bowl.

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