Kids cook with their Senses


Kids eat what they grow. Food Corps reports 100% of kids who plant, grow, and pick a carrot, will eat a carrot. Working in the garden and in the kitchen, kids can use their senses to connect to what is alive on the planet around them. When cooking a meal, kids can taste their preparations to know if they need to add more salt, acid, sugar, or herbs to balance their dish. When they grow kale, they love to make their own salads, adding colorful organic veggies, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil.  My class at Whole Foods Market in the picture above was amazed by the kale sprouts that grew into the kale they ate in their salads. Kids can touch the kale as they put it in the bowl. They can see the bright yellow lemon and smell it as they squeeze it over their salad. They taste the dressing and hear the crunch of the kale as they eat the salad. When choosing an avocado for their salad, kids squeeze the fruit first to see if it is soft and ripe. Kid Chefs create beautiful looking plates because folks eat with their eyes first. Seeing a beautifully composed dish and smelling the ingredients helps kids to taste the food better and enjoy their meal more.

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