Kids grow Goji Berries


Tibetan kids have been eating Goji berries or Wolfberries for thousands of years and celebrate a Goji Festival every year. Goji berries contain the 8 essential amino acids with more protein than wheat. This Superfood is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, minerals, omega 6 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. For centuries, goji berries have been known for their longevity and health giving qualities. However, in the store many of the dried goji berries are from China, treated with very toxic chemicals, and should be avoided. Kids can look for the USDA Organic symbol for certified growing and processing purity.


The goji bush can grow to 8 feet tall with small red berries. Kids can find organic root stocks and small plants from U.S. growers, like we planted in the Las Flores Orchard in the picture above. It is drought tolerant, disease resistant, and can be grown in containers on the patio. Each bush produces up to 7 pounds and can produce fruit all year long. Kids can prune the bushes in the winter to remove the lower shoots and the tip to stimulate the growth of side branches. The berries are sweeter when left on the bush to mature and can be eaten fresh, frozen, or dried and the leaves can be used for herbal tea. When dried, goji berries are the size and texture of raisins; fresh they taste sweet and tangy.  Tibetan kids call goji the Happy Berry as it engenders feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

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