Kids Cook the Harvest


Instead of starting with a recipe and gathering the ingredients, kids that grow an organic veggie garden in containers on the patio or in a school or community garden, can start with their harvest from the garden and look for a recipe that goes with their ingredients. The healthiest, best tasting ingredients for any recipe are local, organic, and in season produce. Schools with Farm to School programs receive in season produce from local farms for their cooking classes and lunch programs. Families can visit the Farmer’s Market for local organic ingredients. Local farmers across the country offer families weekly or bi-weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) programs with boxes of fresh organic fruits, veggies, and herbs freshly harvested. With a healthy pantry full of organic whole grains, beans, herbs, nuts, and spices, kids can be creative with the produce they harvest and make delicious healthy meals. Easy meals for kids to prepare with a variety of just picked veggies are salads, pastas, soups, and wraps. The secret to creating delicious dishes is the sauce. For example, the harvest includes Roma tomatoes that kids can make into a fabulous tomato sauce for pasta, rice, and stuffed peppers. Kids can make extra sauce, whether it is salad dressing, pesto, peanut, tomato, chipotle, or curry sauce, and freeze it for later. When kids cook their harvest, they feel an intimate connection to nature and their community.

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