Kids grow Kale


Kids can grow kale in the fall and winter in mild climates like California in an organic raised bed veggie garden on the patio. Using a drip watering system with a timer, rich organic soil, and plenty of sunshine, kids can start growing seeds in early September and can have successive planting throughout fall. Kale can be grown with a lightweight floating row cover that allows light, air, and water to pass through and protects it from pests, wind, and cold. Kids can easily build a frame for this cover on their raised bed garden by attaching boards at the corners. In colder climates, kale grows well under cloches, cold frames, or in a greenhouse, where it is protected against frost. Kids can harvest the outer leaves as needed, leaving the plant intact. To prepare kale for different dishes, kids can wash and cut the leaves from the ribs and stems by cutting along the sides of the rib that runs through the center of each leaf. Stack several stemmed leaves and slice crosswise making even pieces. Kids can create a nutritional powerhouse dish with kale, quinoa, and sweet potatoes in tomato sauce that the whole family will enjoy.

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