Kids Organic Persimmons


Persimmons are the bright orange jewels ripening in winter for yummy baked treats. In Southern California, kids can grow the American, acorn shaped Hachiya Persimmon or the Asian, short squat Fuyus Persimmon, which are in season October through December. Kids can harvest the fruit when they are still firm but fully colored and let them ripen fully indoors. The Fuyus Persimmons are not astringent but taste best when they are bright orange and give under gentle pressure. The acorn shaped persimmon must be enjoyed very ripe when its skin is almost translucent. These unripe persimmons have a high content of bitter tannins and require a long ripening and softening period, sometimes three or four weeks indoors, to become sweet and delicious. Kids can cut off the top eat the soft pudding-like pulp out of the ripened persimmon for a snack. Both persimmons are wonderful in baked treats. Kids can scoop out the pulp and push it through a sieve to remove the seeds.  The pulp can be frozen or used fresh to add to cakes, puddings, and cookie bars.

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