Kids Holiday Wreaths


A fun holiday project for kids is making a holiday wreath that can decorate the door or be given as a gift. For thousands of years, around the world, circles of flowers and greenery have been adornments at festivals honoring the interconnection of seasons and events with the cycles of life and nature, where the choice of materials for the wreath is often steeped in symbolism. To create a wreath, kids can choose a base material, such as vine, straw, wire, or form. Garden centers offer wreaths of pine like the one pictured that kids can decorate.  Kids can find large variety of premade bases at a craft store. It is also quite easy to create a vine base made of grape, honeysuckle, or wisteria. Kids can form a hoop with several lengths of vine the size of the wreath and wrap other vine ends around them to get the proper thickness. A swirling grapevine base is beautiful even left exposed with simple embellishments or paint added. Kids can pick flowers, tie them in a bunch, and hang them upside down to dry in a closet for a week for long lasting beauty on their wreath. Evergreens, like pine, holy, cedar, and ivy, bring wonderful forest fragrances and have been a staple component of holiday wreaths since Roman days. Kids can gather cones, nuts, berries, seeds, and pods to add texture, color, and diversity to their wreath. Ribbons can be used to wrap the wreath base or made into a bow for a dash of color. To assemble the wreath, kids can use floral picks, wire, and, with parent supervision, a hot glue gun. The hot glue dries quickly, holds well, and can be peeled off mistakes. Place the largest objects on the wreath first and put the most fragile items on last.  Kids can make holiday wreaths to celebrate life with nature’s bounty of fresh cut, dried, and preserved plants.

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