Kids Self Sustaining Garden


When kids grow an organic raised bed garden, they can help save the planet and their own lives. Kids can grow a sustainable organic fruit and veggie garden in their backyard, on the patio, or in a school or community garden. The raised beds in this picture were created and installed by Gardening Squared in Thousand Oaks. When kids learn to cook what they grow, they can bring the most flavor and nutrition to the family table, while reducing their health bills and carbon footprint. It is surprising how abundant a raised bed garden filled with organic soil can be.

Kids can become stewards of a sustainable garden by creating a healthy garden ecosystem, which may take a year or more. Kids can attract beneficial insects by planting the flowers that provide them food and shelter. Kids can care for earthworm bins and compost bins in the garden to provide the best fertilizer and soil amendments. Kids can build birdhouses to attract more garden partners. Kids can set up a drip watering system on a timer and attach row covers to the raised beds. Kids can gather fall leaves to provide mulch, which suppresses weed growth, keeps the ground warm in winter, and helps prevent pests. A self sustaining garden supplies all of its own essential nutrients for balanced growth, from organic matter for compost to micronutrients for healthy plants and requires the least amount of time and money in the long term. The United Kingdom is encouraging their citizens to grow food in backyard and community gardens to expand sustainability and decrease waste. Kids can plant organic food gardens where they live and change their environment as well as their family’s health. Kids can grow an organic raised bed garden and cook from scratch to develop food self sufficiency that gives them self confidence, pride of accomplishment, and a healthy life.

4 Comments on “Kids Self Sustaining Garden

  1. My 4 year old daughter and I had raised garden beds last summer. We made them ourselves by putting two big truck tires together. We picked up 22 big tires from a local trucking company. They were happy to get rid off them, and we got our garden beds for free (- gas money and some extra muscles on my arms!) We had so much fun, and grew the majority of our food ourselves last summer. I can highly recommend for garden projects with kids! Thanks for a great blog!

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