Kids as Life Gardeners


Today, kids are technologically addicted and nature deprived.  Kids can plant a healthy life by growing an organic raised bed garden in a patio, school, or community garden. The girl in the picture loves her school garden and is off to water her adopted peach tree. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization health statistics show that we are killing ourselves with processed, fake, refined pseudo foods, filled with chemicals and hormones. Unfortunately, healthcare education, nutrition conferences, and continuing education courses for physicians are sponsored by big food companies, fast food chains, and big pharmaceutical companies. Instead of recommending an organic whole food diet, patients are given more prescriptions. Kids can be gardeners in their life by weeding out unhealthy fake foods and filling their plates with organic food from the garden.

Kids find peace and happiness growing their organic veggies. Kids can weed out thoughts about the frustrations in their life and plant the joy they find in their garden, grateful for the beauty and abundance they are creating. Gardening is a stress reducer as flowers waft the air with aromatherapy and microbes in the soil release endorphins. In the garden, kids develop a stronger immune system, exercise all major muscle groups, soak up Sunshine Vitamin D, and breathe fresh air. Learning to care for nature, kids are more likely to care for others and the environment in which they live. Learning to cook what they grow and enjoy eating organic fruit, veggies, and whole grains creates healthy happy kids.

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