Kids Fake Foods


Stella is happily playing in her pretend kitchen with plastic cake, but kids are not happy to learn there are synthetic pigments in their lunch. The stressful pace of life today makes fast foods, frozen and micro waved food, and fake food appear to be an easy and economical way to feed our families. However, this type of diet has lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, diseases that are not easy or economical! Meals made at home from scratch are healthier and cost less. Many foods don’t travel well and taste better locally where they are regionally farmed. For decades, wine, olive oil, and seafood have been widely packaged or served in restaurants as one thing while actually a substitution is used. Processed foods, meat, seafood, and dairy often have synthetic pigments, antibiotics, added growth hormones, added preservatives like sulfites and phosphates, added carcinogenic substances, and animal by-products in feed. Eating these processed foods can make people ill and supports production methods that are unsustainable and harmful to the oceans, land, and people who farm them.

The nations’ leading brand of supermarket pasta has seven ingredients, two kinds of flour and iron plus four ingredients that are unidentifiable by name. However, for a few cents more, families can buy pasta with one ingredient: organic whole durum wheat flour.  Families can grow an organic raised bed veggie garden on the patio, roof, or community garden and cook from scratch at home.  It may seem like extra labor and time spent, but you save the time of driving, waiting in line, going to the doctor’s office and save money on prescriptions and at restaurants that sell fake food. Being in the garden and kitchen is therapeutic and can bring families together. Cooking from scratch means families eat healthier and know just what is in their food.  Besides, fresh from the garden food tastes so much better.

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