Kids Sprout Seeds


Winter is the perfect time for kids to plan their organic spring veggie garden planted in a raised bed filled with rich organic soil. Kids want to choose local organic seeds for veggies they love to eat, that grow well in the climate and season, next to plants that grow well together, and herbs that help keep the pests away. Kids can get local organic seeds at their community garden, garden club, or nursery and talk to the gardeners that grow them.  Kids that have started an organic veggie garden can save seeds from the best plants of their crops. Even in a small container garden, kids can rotate their crops to improve the soil, get bigger harvests, and break the cycle of pests and diseases. There are many seed starting kits at the gardening center with grow lights for starting seeds indoors in small flats. Or kids can start seeds in a sunny window in plantable coconut coir pots. These biodegradable, sustainable pots don’t upset the roots in transplanting and earthworms love to eat them. Kids can study the seed packet for growing requirements like how much space between plants, sun or shade heat tolerance, soil moisture, and planting depth and how many days before the seeds sprouts and are ready for harvest. Kids can draw a plan in their garden notebook, naming the herbs and veggies in their drawing. Kids can put wooden plant labels in the coir pots when they plant their seeds.  Kids can tend the sprouts and keep the rich organic soil moist. Kids can plan for their organic container veggie garden by sprouting local organic seeds in coconut coir pots with organic vegetable potting soil.

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