Kids Sustainable Products


Kids can use consumer power to create a sustainable planet. Many products are designed to be thrown away, especially paper and plastic products. However, plastic lasts and lasts. Most plastic is made from unsustainable fossil fuels (oil will run out some day) and its production process pollutes the environment. Workers who make plastic products handle many chemicals and need to wear protective clothing and oxygen masks.  Kids can use tempered glass for food storage as the toxic chemicals used to make plastic products can leak into food stored in them. Also kids should not reheat food in plastic containers as the problem is worse in heated plastic. There are currently five large whirlpools of plastic in the oceans, harming the fish and birds that eat them and passing the toxins to the people who eat the fish.

Kids can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Kids can cut back on litter in the land fills and ocean by using their consumer power and get sustainable school supplies. Kids can use recycled paper that doesn’t use any new trees. Kids can pack their lunch box with reusable containers and stainless steel water bottles. Kids can use organic cotton back packs and play with wooden toys. Kids can recover used plastics from their homes, oceans, and landfills and recycle it into a new product which emits less greenhouse gas than creating new plastic, but recycling is not the final answer. Kids can be the scientists that are working to develop bio-plastics made from plants that won’t harm the food supply, the workers, or the planet.

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