Kids Organic Clothes


Many new mothers are buying organic baby clothes, sheets, and towels, which will reduce the price for organic clothes in the future. Kids can use consumer power and get organic, natural dyed, local or Fair Trade clothes.  These quality clothes take more time and work to make, but creating them doesn’t kill the workers or harm the planet.  Synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon, polyester, acetate, acrylic, and spandex, are not biodegradable, and use cancer causing chemicals that leach into the water, air, soil, and workers. Normal dye process also uses toxic chemicals that cause cancer, pollute our water streams, leach chemicals into the soil, and cause skin irritations. Fast fashion clothes are often produced in unethical child labor sweatshops and unregulated unsafe factories.

Kids love the feel of organic natural fibers.  Organic natural dyes are extracted from plants and minerals that occur in the natural world. Organic cotton, organic bamboo, and organic hemp are renewable, biodegradable, and produced without toxic chemicals, saving the soil from the tons of pesticides used in conventional farming of these plants, especially cotton.  Instead of wearing inexpensive fast fashion made in sweatshops around the world, kids can look for the Fair Trade logo on quality clothing tags. Fair trade standards ensure that the adult artisans and farmers who produce the clothing are paid a fair price, with high standards, safe working conditions, and health and education opportunities. At Whole Foods Market and local artisan fairs, kids can get fashionable organic clothes that are produced in a sustainable, ethical way.

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