Kids make Salads


Fresh organic salads are fun and easy for kids to prepare with yummy toppings and numerous health benefits. Kids can grow a year round organic salad garden in a container by the kitchen door or in a raised bed like the one in the picture above. Kids can have a culinary exploration trying the many heirloom lettuces and leafy greens that are available for them to grow and create into salads. Kids love to go to the Farmers Market and get local organic salad greens and talk to the farmers that grow them. Kids can use consumer power and buy locally as organic pre-packaged tossed salads are often not grown locally, but are shipped to big box stores from half way around the world.   Any organic raw veggie can be shredded into a salad, like carrots or zucchinis. Kids love fruit, nuts, and seeds sprinkled among the greens with a delicious homemade salad dressing. Cooked potato, beans, pasta, and pickled veggies can be added to the raw ingredients to wake up kids’ taste buds and their creativity. Use a salad spinner or colander to wash the salad greens and wake up their flavor. Add the ingredients and, rather than mashing the salad stirring, toss the salad and allow the air to enhance their aroma. Kids can make a traditional salad dressing from scratch using sea salt, 1 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil, and 1 tsp fresh organic lemon juice. The secret to salad dressings from creamy rich to light is to add just enough to highlight the salad flavors, rather than drowning those flavors and making the ingredients soggy. Kid Chefs can sprinkle seeds or croutons on top for an artistic presentation of their salad.

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