Kids Small Space Garden


Kids can grow abundant organic produce in a small space garden by using several different techniques. By practicing succession planting, kids can harvest a series of crops from a single pot, container, or raised bed garden. Early spring kids can plant cold season crops, like kale, and replace them with main season staples, like tomatoes and in fall harvest those and plant cool season edibles, like cabbage. Kids can sow seeds at the same time they plant seedlings of the same type for a head start on the next harvest. By inter-planting, kids can maximize their harvests by planting together companion crops that grow well together at different rates, sizes, and root structures. Kids can harvest loose leaf lettuces and greens by removing a few of the outer leaves; these come again crops will continue to grow and produce new leaves. By taking advantage walls and fences, kids can practice vertical planting and maximize the space. Peas, beans, grapes, cucumbers, squash, and melons trained to go up a fence, trellis, arbor, or teepee and make a beautiful landscape design. Floating green wall systems and privacy screens can be found at the garden center or kids can create them from plastic gutters or old ladders. In mild climates, kids can stretch the growing season with fall planting for a winter garden by using row covers and mulch for cold season crops. In colder climates, kids need cold frames, a mini greenhouse, and cloches, an upside down glass or plastic jug, to protect the tender seedlings from the frost and chill and ensure a winter harvest. Kids can grow an organic veggie garden on a patio, balcony, or roof in containers with organic soil and a drip watering system and harvest more food over longer periods by making the most of their limited space.

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