Kids Bake with Leavening


Kids can be scientists in the kitchen proofing active dry yeast by adding one packet to ¼ cup warm distilled water and ½ tsp organic sugar and watching 10 – 15 minutes as the mixture starts to bubble. Active dry yeast is a leavening agent. Leavening is the process that causes breads and cakes to rise by creating bubbles of air or carbon dioxide. These bubbles become trapped in the structure of the bread or cake as it bakes, causing it to rise and creating holes in the baked product. Yeast microbes are single celled organisms that reproduce quickly, eating starch when added to warm, moist bread dough. When making yeast breads, kids need to let the bread rise overnight in a warm place, 80 degrees is ideal. A leavening in the dough can also happen with a chemical reaction when mixing baking powder, containing an acid, and baking soda, an alkaline. Air and water can also be leavening agents. Kids can whip and fluff all the ingredients adding air as they make the dough or batter. In the oven as the water in the dough turns to steam, it causes the dough to expand and rise. Kids can make light airy baked goods by using time, temperature, and a leavening agent.

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