Kids Dinner Plan

What’s for dinner? Cooking is a skill for a lifetime of healthy eating. Families can decide to let kids plan and prepare a nutritious dinner once a week. To decide what to make, kids can check the library where there are many fun cookbooks for kids. At the Farmer’s Market, kids can find produce that the family loves to eat or something new to try, like organic tomato salsa with avocado. If kids are growing their own organic veggie garden, they can choose what is in season in their garden, like fresh lettuce for a tossed salad. Once a dinner menu is chosen, kids can check the pantry to find the ingredients and write a shopping list of the ingredients that are missing. Going shopping at the grocery store with a parent can be fun with a list to follow and a menu to prepare. Kids can discover interesting ingredients in the cupboard and refrigerator while unloading the groceries at home. Measuring the foods, rinsing the veggies, and following the recipe requires patience and responsibility to complete the tasks at the right time. Kids feel a surge of creativity, choosing dishes, utensils, glasses, and artfully arranging their dish to be even more appetizing. Kids can add flowers from the backyard and put them in a vase to decorate the table. Eating together at the dining table with no electronic distractions, kids can communicate freely with their family, enjoying the wonderful meal they have prepared.

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