Kids Cooking Class

Kids can sign up for a fun cooking class at their local park and recreation center or YMCA and learn basic skills, like following a recipe and using kitchen equipment safely. Cooking classes inspire kids to try new foods, as kids want to eat what they have prepared. There are many great cookbooks for kids at the library for inspiration. Some elementary, middle, and high schools have cooking and nutrition classes. When kids learn to cook from scratch, it can be a live changing experience and they learn healthy habits for a lifetime. Kids can learn to read the Nutrition Facts label on packages of processed food and discover these junk foods are loaded with too much sugar, fat, and salt plus the unnatural ingredients that help foods last longer and travel better. At a cooking class, kids discover that whole foods, prepared with fresh ingredients are tastier than eating junk food that are high in calories and low in nutrients with unnatural additives that harm their health. Some grandparents enjoy sharing their style of cooking and passing down their favorite recipes. There are ethnic food classes available where kids can learn to cook basic Italian, French, Asian, or Middle Eastern dishes. These cultures have been preparing healthy food from scratch for generations. Kids can take vegan and vegetarian cooking classes where they learn to use plant based proteins like quinoa, beans, and nuts in their dishes. Kids can learn to make their favorites snacks and treats with organic whole grains, fruits, and nuts. Kids’ minds and senses awaken to new flavors and experiences in cooking classes.

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