Kids grow Seedlings

Kids can start seeds in plastic trays, small paper cups, or recycled containers indoors to later plant outside in their organic raised bed veggie garden. There are many seed starting kits at the gardening center with grow lights or a sunny window for starting seeds indoors in small flats. Kids can use Dr. Earth’s organic seed starting mix, fill the container, plant the seed, and water well. Baby plants, called seedlings, need a high level of care for their tender roots and shoots. After the seedling develops a second set of leaves, kids can add Dr. Earth’s Organic Vegetable fertilizer to potting soil in a larger pot, thin out the weak seedlings, gently pry out the seedling, careful not to damage the roots, and plant one seedling per pot.  Some seeds don’t transplant well and need to be started indoors in small coconut coir plantable pots. Others can be planted directly in the raised bed garden after the last frost. Seedlings can be protected outdoors from the cold, pests, and critters with row covers over PVC pipes or plastic soda bottles fashioned as mini greenhouses.  Once the baby seedlings grown indoors outgrow their pots, they become juvenile plants, called starters, ready to go outdoors. Kids can harden off their young plants and adjust them to the outdoor conditions by putting the pots outside for 3 – 4 hours a day for two weeks. Kids can water the plants the day before putting them in their raised bed garden.  Remove all weeds in the raised bed, add compost, and water the soil.  Kids can transplant their seedlings by first watering the plants before removing them from the pots with a gentle sprinkle from a watering can.  Make a hole in the garden bigger than the roots, add Dr. Earth’s Organic Vegetable fertilizer and water the soil; place the roots in the hole and water again; surround the plant with soil and water again. Kids can take tender care of their young starter plants for the first couple of weeks outdoors by protecting them with a row cover and watering them daily.

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