Kids Food Groups

At schools with nutrition classes, kids learn how to choose foods that give them energy and nutrients to grow healthy bones, muscles, skin, and teeth. Healthy eating gives kids brain power to focus, learn, and deal with stress. Processed foods, like chips, are made when foods are changed from their natural forms and chemicals are added to help them last longer. Whole foods look the same as they did when farmers take them out of the ground and contain the most nutrients. Kids need to eat a mix of whole foods from different food groups to get a balance of nutrition the body requires. Kids can eat some of each of these food groups at every meal for a balanced diet: fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. Organically grown food means there were no pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers used to contaminate the food or the soil.  Kids can eat the rainbow as there are different vitamins and minerals in different colored fruits and veggies. Half of what kids eat daily should be fresh fruits and veggies, instead of soda and packaged processed snacks that are filled with added sugar, fat, salt, and chemicals. When kids grow an organic container veggie garden, they will try new foods and delight in eating the delicious produce they have grown.  Kids enjoy going to the Farmer’s Market or visiting a local farm, meeting the farmers, and tasting new foods. Whole grains, like whole wheat pasta and brown rice, contain all the parts of the seed and have more nutrients than other grains. The fiber in grains helps to move waste out of the body. Proteins build kids’ bones, blood, and muscles and include nuts, beans, seeds, and animal products. Instead of soda or sugary juices, kids can drink water or fruit infused water and carry reusable water bottles that are good for the planet. When kids grow an organic garden and learn to cook what they’ve grown, they gain the tools for a healthy life.

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