Kids grow Peas

Kids love to eat peas bursting with sweetness fresh from the garden. Peas are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Kids can plant pea seeds in late fall in mild climates, winter or early spring and three weeks later sow again for an extended harvest. Peas have delicate vines that love to climb a trellis. Kids can attach a 2 – 6 foot trellis to their raised bed garden depending on which pea variety they choose.  Peas are legumes that enrich the soil by fixing nitrogen from the air in a special relationship with various bacteria that live in their roots. There are many types of peas and two different species: 1) garden peas, which are removed from the pod for eating, 2) snap peas, like in the picture above, and snow peas, which are eaten in the pods. Garden peas need to be harvested before their sugars turn to starch. Kids can pick a full sized pod at the bottom of the vine and eat a raw pea to test before harvesting the bottom pods. Three days later the middle pods are ready for harvest, and in another three days the top pods are ready. Within three hours after harvest, kids can have them for dinner or freeze the abundance as the moment they are picked they start to turn to starch.

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