Kids Container Gardening

Wherever there is a patch of sunlight for at least six hours a day, on a fire escape, window box, deck, or balcony, kids can grow organic vegetables in containers. Kids can start their garden by growing herbs and salad greens, which grow quickly and easily in pots. Pots, especially on wheeled platforms, can easily be moved around to adjust to the weather.  Kids get so excited experiencing the wonders of the nature by watching small sprouts grow into a full sized plant that they can hardly wait to eat what they have grown. Everything edible that is grown can be successfully raised in a container without weeds, soil borne diseases, or overplanting. The secret is the organic potting soil which gives consistent drainage, is free of weeds and pests, and has the best conditions for young plants. Even in a large backyard, several raised bed gardens are preferred to planting in the ground because they can be filled with healthy organic vegetable potting soil, that has been balanced for growing food and is alive with micro-organisms. Kids can grow veggies rich with nutrients by feeding the plants with nutrient rich compost and an organic fertilizer specially formulated for vegetables.  Kids can set up an inexpensive drip watering system with a battery run timer to schedule the right amount of water at the right time of day for their herbs and veggies.  Everyone knows that food picked steps from the kitchen is fresher and more delicious. Kids can have a year round garden in containers by moving them according to the weather and rotating their crops to plant the right veggie for the right season. Kids can use sunny vertical space to add to their garden, using wall pockets, deck ledge containers, planter railings, and hanging baskets.  Kids can plant peas in a planter box with a trellis to make an edible privacy screen or space divider. Fruit trees will grow by a sunny door in a large container, making a beautiful focal point and producing year after year. Kids can grow bumper crops of fresh organic food in pots and planters and create a feast for their health and table.

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