Kids Rosewater Facial Toner

Kids can make a delightful gift for Mom and Grandma with 15 – 20 sweet smelling roses. Rosewater Facial Toner has been a favorite since ancient times as a soothing anti-inflammatory. Roses have edible pedals that look lovely on cupcakes or in salads. Kids need to ask permission to cut the roses before starting this project. Rosewater has the calming scent of the roses and is a natural cooling astringent with skin soothing properties. Kids can pick roses in the morning that are just opening and immediately place the harvested stems in cool water out of the sun. Put a heatproof bowl upside down in the bottom of a large pot on the stove. Clean and remove the petals, scattering them around the bowl. Pour 3 cups distilled water over the petals. Place a smaller bowl right side up on top of the larger bowl. Cover the pot with the lid upside down and bring the water to a gentle simmer. When drops of water appear on the lid, kids can place 10 – 12 ice cubes in the upside down lid. Continue simmering for about 45 minutes until the water has been collected in the top bowl. Kids need to watch carefully at the end so that the water doesn’t boil out and scorch the pot. Prepare a funnel and small bottles or jars with lids. Cautiously remove the top bowl from the pot and pour the hot rosewater through the funnel into the bottles. Strain the petals from the pot and pour any rosewater remaining in the pot into a jar to use to flavor drinks or to add to baked goods. Kids can decorate the bottles with stickers and ribbons. Mom and Grandma will enjoy adding Rosewater Toner to their skin care routines.

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