Kids Harvest Rosemary

Kids can grow rosemary in a container and bring its lovely evergreen fragrance to the patio. Popular with pollinators, rosemary displays little blue flowers that keep bees happy in winter and is a good companion plant for veggies. Because it quickly grows large, kids can freely harvest sprigs for adding to recipes, making dried herb blends, and creating smudge sticks and sachets. Kids can add rosemary to many delicious recipes, such as Rosemary Pesto and Roasted Potatoes or use it as a skewer for grilling. Kids can cut fresh sprigs of rosemary with scissors for dinner and add it to beans, salad, pasta, or bread.

Kids can make Rosemary Smudge Sticks, dried herb bundles that are burnt as incense and release a pleasant, relaxing and peaceful aroma. Scientific evidence shows that smelling rosemary stimulates brain chemistry and helps depression. Kids can make three smudge sticks by cutting 12 rosemary branches, 6 – 8 inches long, and dividing them into three groups for bundling. Cut three cotton threads 6 feet long, double in half, and start wrapping the rosemary bundle about an inch above the bottom of the stems, 10 times in one place and make a knot. Wrap the bundle tightly, spiraling the cotton thread up the stems, and continue wrapping, crisscrossing the cotton thread back down the stems. Tie the loose end to the knot at the base of the bundle. Kids can dry the smudge sticks on a flat surface for 2 weeks. Parents can light the top end of the stick, blow out the flame, while kids hold the base to release the smoky scent and carry it throughout the house and garden. Traditionally, rosemary smudging is used to release negative energy and bring about mental clarity and calmness.

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