Kids Patio Lime Tree

Lime trees make a lovely addition to the patio with their evergreen leaves and the delightful aroma from their flowers and fruit. The lime tree pictured here in my patio is nestled between a fig tree and an avocado tree, and all three are fruiting.  Limes like the sheltered area of a sunny patio and grow well in large containers of rich organic soil. They flower and fruit all year and produce an abundance of fruit that can take six months to ripen. Although the fruit is ripe when it is still green, limes turn yellow when fully matured.  All lime trees are self fertile with small white flowers that are richly fragrant. Kids can attract beneficial insects to keep the lime tree healthy by planting cosmos, Queen Anne’s lace, and catmint nearby. In cold climates, lime trees grow well inside a greenhouse or a sunroom. Put a wheeled caddy on the bottom of the tree’s container and grow it outside during the summer and wheel it inside for the winter. Kids can feed their tree organic compost every other month spring to fall. Lime trees need little pruning, only to remove any deadwood and let more light into the center of the tree. Kids can make a refreshing drink by squeezing a lime into a quart of water and adding a sprig of mint or some grated fresh ginger and maple syrup.

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