Kids Garden Notebook

Kids can learn something about math, science, nature, art, and music when they grow an organic garden in their backyard, patio, or balcony. Keeping a garden notebook is a fun way to discover clue after clue about how nature works and how all living things are connected. Kids can have lots of fun in a backyard veggie garden, digging in the dirt, discovering insects and animals, and eating food they have grown themselves. Kids can find a shady place to put a seat where they can wonder at the beauty of their garden. Sitting in their special place, kids can make a map for their notebook and measure the garden area by making an inch on paper represent a foot of garden. Kids can record in their notebook the date, time, and weather and note what animals, birds, insects, or flowers they see, hear, and smell. Kids can draw pictures of spiders spinning webs and caterpillars nibbling leaves. Kids can glue the seeds, beans and dried flowers they find in their notebook. Kids can plot the sun on the map and find where to place their raised beds, planters, and pots in the best sunlight for their veggie plants to thrive and grow. Kids can make a colorful garden plan in their notebook to choose what veggies, herbs, flowers, and fruits to plant and where to plant them, putting the low growing plants in front and the tall plants in the back. Different parts of the county have different growing seasons. As their organic veggies garden grows, kids can keep track of when to start seeds indoors, when to plant and when to harvest in their notebook.  Kids can have lots of fun with their notebook in their shady spot in the garden, discovering worms, bees, butterflies, birds, and toads, and growing their favorite fruits and veggies for dinner.

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