Kids grow Golden Beets

Kids love the sweet golden beets in salads, soups, and casseroles.  Kids can easily grow beets as both spring and fall crops. Kids can plant the beet seeds in early spring after the last frost directly in their raised bed garden filled with rich organic soil and compost and harvest them in July. Plant the seeds ½ inch deep at three inch intervals for an abundant crop that shades out most weeds.  Kids can plant beet seeds again in the fall about seven weeks before the first frost. Golden beet tops make especially delicious greens that are mild like spinach and can be picked as soon as several leaves per plant appear large enough. Cut a leaf or two with scissors from different plants, which still allows the beets roots to grow well. Kids can see the tops of the beet root immerging from the soil. When the beet root is about two or three inches in diameter, kids can grab the leaf stalks just above the root and pull it out of the ground. Golden beets are sweeter than purple beets and make a delicious roasted beet, avocado, and beet green salad with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar.


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