Kids love Bagels

Kids have been eating bagels since the dawn of civilization. Evidence shows that bagels in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia came in two types: a soft, sesame-studded variety and a crispy pretzel type. The bagel has endured for centuries because it is tasty, crusty, and chewy, and it preserves better than bread. Bagels also have a practical advantage: their roll with a hole shape can be transported easily on a stick or string. Boiled and baked bagels are mentioned in the Talmud and the love of bagels spread throughout Europe, becoming famous in Krakow, Poland, the breadbasket of Renaissance Europe. In the 19th Century, bagels became a craze in New York city with 70 bagel bakeries on the Lower East Side. Bagel bakers allow the formed bagels to rest and ferment to develop the flavor. Then they boil them to give the roll an outer sheen and a crunchy, protective crust, sometimes in a malt syrup solution to help the sesame and poppy seeds to adhere, before baking them. Kids around the world today enjoy being creative with toppings for their bagels, which are a great treat for breakfast, lunch, or snack.


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  1. Cool! 😀 I love bagels too. How historic of me. 🙂

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