Kids grow Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas

Kids in Southern California can grow organic snow peas and sugar snap peas in edible pods in their winter raised bed garden next to a trellis or a support for the vines to grow. Snow peas are flat with immature pea bumps inside the edible pods and sugar snap peas are plumper and shorter, a cross of snow peas and garden peas; both have varieties that have strings attached to the stem. Kids love to eat sweet just picked peas while standing in the garden, as its natural sugars start to break down into starch the minute it is picked. Peas bring heavy hitting nutrition to the table. Snow peas have nutrients that protect the brain and manage blood sugar. Snap peas are sugary and have a juicy, snappy crunch, as well as nutrients that are heart healthy and help with joint stiffness. Kids can rinse fresh organic peas in cold water and snap the stem toward the pod and pull the string to the opposite end. Steam the peas just 1 – 2 minutes to keep them crisp or drop them into cooked dishes during the last couple of minutes. Planting different varieties throughout the seasons, kids can harvest fresh peas all year.


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