Why Choose Organic?

Human made toxins have polluted our planet and the life on it. Choose Certified Organic even if it is more expensive because organic is sustainable. Organic produce has more nutritional value, is more delicious, and creates a better environment for everyone.
Buying organic is choosing the organic cycle, where the compost feeds the soil, the soil feeds the plants, and the plants feed the people. Planting native plants attract beneficial bugs to control pests and create a balanced ecosystem. Food is medicine. Grow an organic veggie garden where you live. Eating fresh, local, seasonal, organic fruits and veggies saves time and money at the doctors office and on prescriptions.

Unfortunately, conventional agriculture plays a large role in air, soil, and water pollution as synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollute our rivers and drinking water, and then the food is shipped to processing plants and enhanced with too much fat, sugar, salt, plus additives, fillers, and dyes. Transportation of food averages 1500 miles from farm to table and adds to the greenhouse gases.

When we grow our own organic fruit and veggie garden and replace processed food with super food from the garden, we turn the tide on the alarming rise in diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Unhealthy toxic chemicals have poisoned the consumers, the workers, the water, soil, and air. When we use our consumer power and buy organic, we can change the world.


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