Kids Easy Assess Garden

Special needs kids in wheelchairs find having their own organic veggie garden is therapeutic and fun! The U-shaped assessable raised beds in the picture above are at Las Flores Community Garden. At the community garden, kids can socialize with the other gardeners and gain self reliance growing their own food. Assessable raised bed wheelchair gardens for disabled kids can develop motor skills as they learn through planting experiences. Being in the garden and interacting with nature can increase their sensory awareness and nourish their five senses. Concentrating on interesting gardening tasks can clear the mind, enhance creativity, alleviate stress and anxiety, and even reduce the need for medicine. 

When kids grow an organic garden, they want to eat what they have grown, often picking and eating it right away. Organic homegrown fruits and veggies are preventive medicine, detoxifying, healing, and fighting disease. When kids in wheelchairs learn to prepare food they have grown in the garden and create a meal their family enjoys, they get a feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and self-esteem and learn how they are connected to what is alive on the planet.


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