Teens Saving the Earth

With rising salaries and expanding opportunities in the field of environmental conservation, now is the time teens can be apart of saving the Earth and building a sustainable future on the planet. Teens can prepare for a career in renewable energy that rewards them with personal satisfaction, as they feel they are doing something ethical and positive with their lives. There are expanding opportunities for engineers, scientists, and inventors discovering new ways to supply energy. More and more businesses are creating new positions in sustainability. Forest and conservation workers, animal care workers, meteorologists, water systems technicians, wind turbine technicians, and solar energy installers are careers that can shape the environment of tomorrow.

Last year the soar and wind industries generated jobs in America at a rate twelve times faster than the economy as a whole, worldwide these career opportunities grew by 20%. Technicians make good incomes, and credits earned at technician training programs can be transferred to four year college programs; so students who want to become scientists already have experience and training in their field of choice and can easily move along the new career path. Teens can save the Earth with environmental careers that understand that the Earth is alive and the trees, plants, animals, and humans are apart of a whole in a symbiotic relationship with each other.


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