Kids Organic Urban Garden

Kids can grow food anywhere – even in small urban spaces! Organic container food gardening can be on the patio, the balcony, the alley, the roof, a window box, or at the community garden. Kids can build an organic veggie garden in a Garden Tower Project with 50 plants in four square feet, like in the picture above. It is made from 100% recyclable food grade plastic, turns 360⁰ on a base with a rotatable lower planting ring, and contains a vertical composting system that has red wriggler worms living in a long tube running down the center, making the most excellent organic fertilizer and soil amendment.

Kids can grow organic berries and dwarf fruit trees in small places using large containers filled with rich organic soil with great results. Good soil is the prime ingredient for growing food. Kids can fill their containers with bags of organic soil, like Dr. Earth’s Organic All Purpose Potting Soil with compost and beneficial soil microbes, from their local nursery. 

Raised bed gardens are abundantly productive, filled with organic soil for the best conditions for the young plants, giving consistent drainage that is free of weeds and pests. Raised beds can be build waist high for even more accessibility. Multiple plantings of salad greens, and rotating the veggie plants with the seasons can continue the harvest throughout the year with covers and cold frames.

A planter box filled with climbing green beans on a trellis becomes a privacy screen on the front porch where kids can harvest beans all summer long. Wall systems of landscape material pockets on bamboo poles make any sunny wall a potential garden. These same pockets can be made into balcony railing saddlebags to fit any area. Kids can make shelves to hold planter boxes of salads and herbs that are fitted against an outdoor wall. An organic fruit and veggie garden brings good health, a relaxed mind, great exercise, and fresh organic produce for little cost.


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  1. rosemikeals42 says:

    I love your clear pics. keep up the good job. Keep posting

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