Kids grow Tropical Plants Indoors

Families can enjoy an indoor edible oasis by choosing fruiting tropical plant varieties that do well in pots. In cold climates, the plant can be put in a container with wheels that can be moved from outside in the garden to inside a sunroom, protected porch, conservatory, or greenhouse in the winter, like the papaya tree inside the greenhouse in the picture above.  Some tropical plants will grow year round in a pot indoors on a bright tabletop in a sunny south facing window. Others need supplemental lighting indoors. It is important to choose the right variety, and to water, fertilize, and prune at the right time. Growing fruit plants in containers eliminates most of the serious pest and disease problems. Kids can choose a Meyer lemon tree for a first time gardening project that will produce fruit within a year without much problems. Meyer lemons can grow in a 12 inch pot or hanging basket and produce 30 or more lemons a year. The blossoms are pearly white with a sweet lemon scent. Upright spreading branches need to be pruned back to maintain a dense, strong branched plant that will hold the weight of the fruit. The fruits can be left on the tree to harvest throughout the year, adding beauty and a lovely lemon scent to the room.

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