Kids Family Table

Kids can eat fresh food harvested from the garden as the seasons naturally bring forth fruits and veggies each year. This simplest, most delicious, purest form of food is available when kids grow their food in a raised bed garden at home or in a community garden. Families can also obtain organic food through local farms, community supported agriculture, and farmers’ markets and bring economic benefits to their local organic farms and health benefits to their families. Fresh local organic food just tastes better.

Kids feel proud of growing their food and are excited to help prepare the family meal. Modern hectic lifestyle has eroded family meal traditions. Recent research shows that eating together around the family table can uplift the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of parents and kids. When parents set the example of using good manners to enjoy healthy organic homemade food, kids will too. Healthy habits for a lifetime can be created for kids while enjoying a nutritious meal with loved ones. Families eat healthier, communicate better, and become closer. Family mealtime can bring beauty, value, and meaning to everyday life for both parents and kids. The wonderful aromas of home cooking and the laughter around the family table are the making of happy kids and fond memories. 


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