Teens fight Climate Change with Diet Change

Teens can make a difference to improve air, water, and soil pollution by choosing local organic products. Individual choices can make a concrete difference in climate change. Many teens, who are not vegans, are choosing plant based veggie burgers, and burritos at many chain restaurants which now have vegan options, like Veggie Grill’s Luxe Burger in the picture above.  Because 75% of all agricultural land around the world is used for livestock production, cutting global meat consumption in half would free the farmland to grow fruits and veggies for people and end world hunger.

Meat production is the leading cause of deforestation, habitat destruction, and wildlife extinction. Farm animals are fed on corn and soy that has been genetically modified with pesticides and herbicides, poisoning 10,000 farm workers a year. Manure runoff from factory farms is a leading cause of water pollution in the U.S. This manure runoff has caused algae blooms and dead zones in the ocean. In California 45% of the available water is used in meat and dairy production. Also meat production makes more greenhouse gases than all the planes, trains, and cars in the world, because cows and sheep burp methane and poop nitrous oxide.

Teens are rising to the challenge, choosing one day a week to not eat meat. By choosing organic products, teens can reduce the poisoning of the air, land, and water. By growing their own organic garden, teens can improve their health and happiness as well as the environment.


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