Kids Halloween Snacks

Kids can make horrifying snacks that look terrible, but taste terrific for their Halloween party. Putting nauseating names on cards placed next to spooky snack plates makes them extra scary.  Carmel Popcorn Brains with raspberry jam can be served with their card saying, “Fresh Brains. Eat me and get smarter”. Kids can serve their dishes with fun props to make them super gross, like a box of tissues next to booger pretzels (pretzels with avocado dip). Kids can gross out their friends by putting throughly washed fake bugs, mummy bandages, and slime on the serving plates. Apples and pears can be made into mouths with peanut butter in the center, holding a sliced strawberry tongue and coconut flake teeth. Kids can make crispy zombie skins by roasting kale leaves to make yummy chips. Spooky cake eyeballs, small balls of cake frosted white with red streaks and candy pupils, can stare at the party guests who will love these  disgustingly delightful snacks.


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